Why Join?

Our new Power Thinkers online customer community is all about understanding you - our customer - better. You answer a handful of questions each month, or participate in an online discussion, and we listen and make changes.

Join Power Thinkers and weigh in on energy topics and services relevant to your life. We’re committed to listening and taking action on what we hear.

What we’re asking:

  • Give us your input through short online activities or surveys once or twice a month
  • Occasionally participate in online discussion forums where you share your ideas and views with us and other community members
  • Be honest and candid in your responses to us

What you’ll get back:

  • Timely results of our conversations
  • Connections with fellow community members and us
  • Influence on our company’s plans as we adjust to serve you better

Ready to join? Visit powerthinkers.com and get started today.

**Employees of Alliant Energy are not eligible to participate. Any Alliant Energy residential customer in Iowa and Wisconsin is welcome to participate in Power Thinkers. However, in order to ensure a representative sample, we are only able to accept a certain number of customers from each demographic on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you for your interest and help as we work to understand and serve you better!